Quality American Goods

At Cloak & Dapper we curate only the highest quality goods, designed for men, and made in the USA. You’ll discover heritage brands doing it the same way for 100 years right next to the new generation paying the same respect to American manufacturing, quality and story.

Clothing, Grooming Goods & Provisions.

So we decided to build a good old fashioned general store that does things the old fashioned way, but specifically with the modern man in mind. Here, we’ve done all the leg work for you. It is our goal you will trust us for your essentials each season. We like to say, you basically need to own one of everything we have. And we mean it. There’s no redundancy at C&D.

I must take a moment to thank my beautiful wife, Jess. Without whom I would have never done this…. or even had the idea.


Thanks For Trading With Us.


Calvin Cearley